Milling and drilling
with 3-, 4- and 5- axis machining centers


We have more than 30 well-equipped machine tools for versatile and high-quality manufacturing. 

The features of the machines are particularly suitable for products that require multi-axis machining, which often also involves CNC turning. Typical products are flange shafts and various sleeve-like pieces.

The size of the workpiece is less than 10 mm with a diameter of 1 000 mm and a length of 4 000 mm. Delivery batches are mainly small series of 1-200 pieces, but we also manufacture large series according to the customer’s needs.

We work also with demanding materials and our expertise is very diverse.

We have 

4 five-axis machines, max movements 1 666 x 813 x 762 mm
4 four-axis machines, max movements 1 520 x 660 x 632 mm
15 three-axis machines, max movements 1 020 x 530 x 510 mm
2 horizontal machine tools with pallet changer, max movement 900 x 700 x 700 mm.

If you are wondering whether the part you need is too complexed or how much the machining costs or could we produce only one-time-off small batch.. Contact us and we'll talk and figure it out together!