Materials immediately available

The materials we process are normal structural steels S355and S690, Hardox and others, and chrome alloy materials like 42 CrMo4 and 34 CrNiMo.

We manufacture a wide range of stainless and acid-resistant materials. We store round materials (10 – 200 mm) and selectively flat materials (1.4404).

Various castings, forgings, aluminum and copper-bronze alloys are everyday machining materials. Expertise can also be found in a variety of industrial plastic materials.

We stock all the above materials in abundance, providing excellent capabilities to respond quickly to customer needs.


Materials to be stored:

Material Diameters/dimensions

S355                         D10-D300

42CrMo4                  D20-D180

34CrNiMo                 D20-120

1.4404                      D10-D200