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Machinery and capacities


Extensive machine base enables efficient running time and fast delivery.

We are constantly updating our machines to ensure quality and up-to-date work.

Below you will find more detailed dimensional information about our largest and smallest machines.

Machining centers

Five-axis machines

We have in use 4 five-axis machines.

max. movement 1626 x 813 x 762

max. movement 762 x 508 x 508

Four-axis machines

We have in use 5 four-axis machines.

max. movement 1520 x 660 x 635

max movement 660 x 528 x 511

Three-axis machines

We have in use 15 three-axis machines.

maks. movement 1020 x 530 x 510

max. movement 406 x 305 x 254


Multifunction lathes

We have in use 6 lathes suitable for milling and drilling. We have in use horizontal and counter spindle lathes.

largest diameter 560 x 2 100

smallest diameter 160 x 320

CNC lathe

We have in use 10 CNC lathes.

largest diameter 1 040 x 4 000

smallest diameter 250 x 630

Manual lathe

We have 2 manual lathes.

largest diameter 500 x 3 000

smallest diameter 300 x 1 000

Coordinate measuring machine

We have one 3D coordinate measuring machine. The dimensions of the measuring machine are 700 x 500 x 400.

If you have any questions about our machinery